Special Offers

We offer special-care packages (SCP) for educational institutions and organizations in the health-care sector.

SCP includes:

  • Complete check-up of IT Labs
  • Upgrading existing computer labs to meet current requirements
  • Networking the IT infrastructure of a campus, thereby linking and controlling each IT device
  • Annual maintenance contract for entire IT infrastructure of the organization
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance packages

Surveillance Packages for Establishments.

Get an eye on what is happening inside and outside your organization with live monitoring and recording.

Our services include:

  • Budget-based CCTV solutions.
  • Recording/Live monitoring
  • Live Monitoring over the Internet (IP based)

Surveillance Package for Domestic Customers

Sit back and relax with a peaceful mind when you are away from home

Our Service Includes:

  • Surveillance for entire home compound
  • Live Remote Viewing Facility
  • Living Room Surveillance for watching aged people and baby sitting
  • Video Door Phones
  • Multi Apartment Video Door Phone Solutions
  • Finger Print Locks
  • Home Alarm System